Graphic design & illustration

Talkin' logotype


Talkin' is an application for deaf patients to communicate in LSF (French Sign Language), LPC (Cued Speech) or in writing during their medical appointments. This accessibility service on tablet or smartphone connects them with chat & video interpreters, LPC encoders or velotype operators (live technical written transcript). Since April 15, 2016, Talkin' is the subject of an experiment in the ENT department of the Robert Debré Hospital in Paris, so it was necessary to make visual communication of the new service to patients and health hospital professionals. Creation of promotional posters, tutorials sheets for patients and professionals, and a questionnaire for the service assessment. All materials were written in French for all® in order to make them accessible to all.

Talkin' poster for Robert Debré hospital Tutorial sheets for patients Rejected proposals Tutorial sheets for hopsital professionnals Questionnaire of assessment for Medialis
Mission : Graphic design, accessibily & illustration | Agency : Aditcom | Client : Robert Debré Hospital, ENT department